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Urgent Care Prices

Urgent Care Service Prices

No one likes surprise bills.  We understand 100%.  We have posted prices so you can have a transparent view of estimated health care expenses for your visit, particularly for self-pay patients.   If you do not see a price listed, please call us at 916-783-0101 or email us here.  We will be happy to provide you with an estimate for your visit.

To view a price simply press on the box!

New Patient Office Visits
  • $150.00
Established Patient Office Visits
  • $140
Office Surgery
  • Foreign Body Removal (corneal): $121.00
  • Laceration Suture: $154.00 to $292.00

* Suture prices depend on on size, severity and location.

  • Limited (extremities): $50-$90
  • DMV & DOT Physicals: $100.00
  • Pre-Employment Physicals: $80.00
  • Sports Physicals: $45.00
Health Screening Report

California Health Screening Report: $75.00

TB Test
  • TB Test: $40.00
  • TD- Tetanus and  Diphtheria) Vaccine: $60.00
  • TDAP – (Tetanus, Diphtheria, and Pertussis) : $73.00
Back Evaluation
  • Back Evaluation: $20.00
Drug Screens

6Nida Drug Screen

  • 5-Panel: $40.00

Non-Nida Drug Screen

  • 5 Panel: $59.50
  • 5 Panel with Alcohol: $66.00
  • 7 Panel: $67.50
  • 10 Panel: $70.50
  • 13 Panel: $75.00

In House Drug Screen

  • Instant 10 Panel: $60.00
  • Instant Alcohol: $40.00

* Drug screens include collection and handling.

Flu Shots
  • Flu Shot: $35.00

Walk in Urgent Care

No matter if you are ill or injured, we want you to feel better as quick as possible. That’s why you don’t need an appointment to visit a Med Care Medical Urgent Care center.

Self-pay pricing and discounts

If you are paying out of pocket, our transparent pricing shows you exactly the cost you can expect to pay at your visit. You will never receive bills following treatment. We have worked hard to offer the best prices to help make health care affordable for patients who aren’t paying with insurance. Ask us about our Self-pay discount.

The patient experience

At our Urgent Care Roseville location, we focus on how to improve the way health care is provided to our patients by treating individuals with a welcoming, respectful, and the highest-quality immediate care experience.

Our customer service includes:

  • Welcome everyone
  • Active Listening
  • Open Communication
  • Serve patients with respect and skill
  • Asking our patients about their experience

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