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Affordable DOT Physicals in Roseville 7 Days a Week

Med Care Medical provides affordability and convenience for your DOT physical.  Along with your DOT physical, we provide pre-employment screens and immunizations.

DOT Physical

dot-dmv-national-registry-physicals-rosevilleDOT (Department of Transportation) physicals helps to keep all drivers safe by making sure that they can safely meet the physical demands of the job. All drivers must meet each DOT physical requirements to receive their CDL medical card. Available every day,  Our physicians are certified by the FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) if you need a Nationally Registered Certified Medical Examiners for walk-in DOT physicals .

We have made getting your DOT physical easy easy as 1-2-3!

Your time is valuable and we do not want to waste yours. Our 3 step process makes its easy to get your DOT physical exam.

1. Walk-in. We accept walk-ins and have the required paperwork in our office. We have also posted the forms on the website if you would like to fill them out in advance. Please call to determine availability of a FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) certified physician. 

2. Get Your Physical (DOT examination includes)

  • Health history review
  • A thorough physical exam
  • A urine test

3. Report Completion Med Care Medical will complete the Medical Examination Report for Commercial Driver Fitness Determination form and complete the supporting documentation and DOT physical forms. Note: You must pass all DOT physical requirements to be cleared for your CDL medical card.


Basic DOT CDL Qualifications

The US Department of Transportation has established some minimum qualifications to operate a commercial motor vehicle (CMV) as defined in the Federal Motor Carriers Safety Regulations These include:

  • Minimum age of 21 years old to drive interstate
  • Ability to read and speak the English language sufficiently to converse with the general public,understand highway traffic signs & signals in the English language, respond to official inquiries, and to make entries on reports and records
  • Can, by reason of experience, training, or both, safely operate the type of commercial motor vehicle he/she drives
  • Has a valid CDL issued by one state or jurisdiction. Cannot hold more than one driver’s license.
  • License cannot be suspended, cancelled or revoked. CDL holder is not disqualified to drive a commercial motor vehicle under the rules in §391.15
  • Have successfully completed a driver’s road test and has been issued a certificate of driver’s road test in accordance with §391.31, or has presented an operator’s license or a certificate of road test which the motor carrier that employs you has accepted as equivalent to a road test in accordance with §391.33.
  • Has prepared and furnished the motor carrier that employs him/her with the list of violations or the certificate as required by §391.27
  • Successfully completed a driver’s road test and has been issued a certificate of driver’s road test in accordance with §391.31, or has presented an operator’s license or a certificate of road test which the motor carrier that employs him/her has accepted as equivalent to a road test in accordance with §391.33.
  • Is physically qualified to drive a commercial motor vehicle in accordance with Subpart E — Physical Qualifications and Examinations of 49 CFR 391 – See DOT Physical Exam information below.

DOT Physical Requirements

  • The US Department of Transportation requires all drivers to pass a physical examination as part of the qualifications for a CDL license or permit. The qualified medical professional will provide you a ‘Medical Examiner’s Certificate’ or ‘DOT medical card’ if you meet the medical guidelines the Department of Transportation has established. To help you understand the requirements, we have highlighted some of the major conditions below.
  • Consult the FMCSA website for further information.
  • You must have 20/40 correctable vision in each eye. Glasses or contact lenses are acceptable to correct a driver’s vision.
  • You cannot be a diabetic on needle-injected insulin; diabetes controlled through a diet or oral medication is permitted.
  • Your blood pressure must meet the following criteria* Prescription medication to control blood pressure is permitted and One Year Certificate is given.

   * 140-159/90-99 for a 3 month temporary certificate at examiners discretion
                     * 160-179/100-109 and Greater than 180/110 is disqualifying

  • Your blood sugar level must be under 200 for a fingerstick test or under 8% for a A1C test.
  • Use of medications varies. Please see your physician, contact your local DOT office, or visit you have a current diagnosis of cardiac insufficiency, collapse, congestive cardiac failure or any other cardiovascular disease you will be required to provide the Medical Examiner with a stress test (needs to be performed within the last 12 months) along with a release from your physician stating that you can drive a commercial motor vehicle without restrictions.

DOT Physical Form

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration requires that interstate commercial motor vehicle drivers maintain a current Medical Examiner’s Certificate to drive. As part of the physical, you are required to fill out the medical history portion of the Medical Examination Report of Commercial Driver Fitness Determination.

If you would like to speed up the process, you can print and fill in the driver’s information and health history of your own copy of the DOT Physical Form by visiting the following link:

At the conclusion of your physical exam, you will be given the motor carrier copy of the Medical Examiner’s Report and Certificate to give to your employer.


  • Annual physical exams
  • School and sports exams
  • DOT (Department of Transportation) medical certification exams
  • Executive physicals
  • Insurance physicals
  • Routine physical exams
  • Pre-Employment Physicals
  • DOT / DMV
  • Sports
  • Boy Scouts
  • College Entrance
  • Missionaries
  • Prison Guards
  • Boxers
  • Race Car Drivers
  • Police / Fire and all other public employees

Color Vision Test

The Ishihara Color Test is a color perception test for redgreen color deficiencies. We offer it for Merchant Marines as well as others who need the color vision test.

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